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About BACK Fighting Cancer

BACK Fighting Cancer, Inc. primary mission will be to provide financial assistance to families in Levy, Dixie and Gilchrist Counties with a child fighting cancer. 

Please see our event page for upcoming events and fundraiser's. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ for latest news and updates

Each letter in BACK represents the first initial of the name of a local child who either battled or is battling some form of cancer. B=Bridget A=Austin C=Corbin K=Kendall – each family benefited from the love and support of our communities in our darkest times. Each family is represented on the Board of Directors and now we are giving BACK!!

Thank you,

Board of Directors

BACK Fighting Cancer, Inc.


Crystal Bush, Director

Heather Mathis, Director

Karrie Munkittrick, Director

Karen Tillis, Director

Kendall Bush, Director

Natasha Allen, Director

Patrick Allen, Director

Brandi Hilliard,